April 21


Ozuna takes the tee

Following her first star outing on the dais, newly appointed Councilmember Leticia Ozuna said it's time to put on "a negotiating hat." Ozuna led a controversial move Thursday to initiate down-zoning of the Pecan Valley Golf Course on the city's Southeast Side against the wishes of the owner, Foresight Golf. The company wants to redevelop the 200-acre site into The Valor Club, a retirement community and a 9-hole course designed for disabled veterans. Pecan Valley has been in operation under various owners since 1963, but the property is zoned MF-33, which permits such uses as multi-family housing, assisted-living facilities, and off-campus student housing. The vote yesterday allows the City to approach the Zoning Commission for a G designation, which would limit its use to public or private golf and "accessory uses," and parks. The case would return to Council for final approval.

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