April 18


The golf war

Nearly three months ago, Councilwoman Leticia Ozuna – who'd barely settled into Jennifer Ramos' old District 3 office – issued the threat of down-zoning the legendary, but already defunct, Pecan Valley Golf Course on the Southeast Side. Her goal was to force Foresight Golf, who'd closed the 38-year-old course in January, to cut a deal with neighbors and golf enthusiasts who wanted the venue to remain open and others worried that the company's planned development at the site – for retirees and disabled vets with a love of the links – would worsen flooding in the area.

The City Council went along on February 16, voting 10-1 to start the clock on the proposed zoning change.

On June 5, the Zoning Commission is expected to weigh in on whether to change the 200-acre property's zoning from a designation that allows Foresight to build apartments and assisted-living facilities to one that would essentially restrict its use to golf or park land. The matter would fall in the City Council's lap on June 7, unless there's a compromise in place.

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