April 17


Macon's rough ride

Illustration by Jeremiah TeutschIllustration by Jeremiah TeutschOutfitted in her signature red blazer, attorney-lobbyist Jane Macon worked the room on October 26, weaving between tables on the floor of Freeman Coliseum and chatting with San Antonio's other movers and shakers. The only difference from the countless other such occasions was the pet llama shadowing her.

The event was County Judge Nelson Wolff's "State of the County" speech, and its sponsor, the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, had inexplicably settled on a county-fair theme. Popcorn centerpieces, a lunch of fish tacos, fried veggies, cups of corn, and funnel-cake dessert, and a petting zoo that included miniature horses, straight from Macon's ranch near the Hill Country town of Twin Sisters.

The event highlighted Macon's access to Bexar County's powers that be, her knack for winning and keeping friends through organizational teamwork, her outsize persona, and even her love of animals, which has evolved into an odd side business for a Fulbright & Jaworski partner.

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