April 23


Weekly Roundup: Feb. 19-15, 2012

Greg Jefferson profiled Jane Macon, the legal fixer and kingmaker at the center of the Verano lawsuit.

Jefferson also reported on Congressman Henry Cuellar's role in the Texas redistricting battle.

Wolff weighed the risks and rewards in Councilwoman Elisa Chan's strategy to get Walmart to the bargaining table.

Wolff reported on the likely impact of the state's decision to gut the Women's Health Program on Planned Parenthood clinics here and in the Valley.

She also broke the news that popular District 8 Councilman Reed Williams plans to retire from City Hall at the end of his second term.

Gilbert Garcia wrote about the late great attorney Jimmy Parks' political plans.

Brian Collister reported on SAISD's failure to spend all of its stimulus funding.

Jade Esteban Estrada detailed the abrupt retirement of a local film institution.

Top Chisme included H-E-B's very different re-zoning fortunes, Richter's quick opera turnaround, new faces at the Express-News, and magazine publisher Eliot Garza's interest in the District 8 seat.

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