April 23


Weekly Roundup: Jan. 29-Feb.4

Brian Collister reported on the unraveling of Joshua Cerna's power on the Harlandale school board, and he broke the news that the DA is investigating a business set up by former BexarMet Finance Director Jesse Morin for a potential conflict of interest.

Gilbert Garcia detailed the friction between Congressmen (and GOP mates) Lamar Smith and Quico Canseco over Smith's Stop Online Piracy Act. He also wrote about the car allowance that Constable Ruben Tejeda didn't need... but took anyway.


Elaine Wolff explained how the San Antonio Opera's financial travails could mean more work for Symphony players.

Greg Jefferson reported on what it cost a company to move from the East Side to the West Side. Donations totaling $475,000 to economic development agencies.

Ben Judson wrote about our evolving take on the San Antonio River.

Jade Esteban Estrada caught up with former "Today Show" anchor Giselle Fernandez at the Hispanic Chamber's recent gala.

Jacob Muncy took the measure of young adult lit.

Top Chisme included Charles Butt hiring a management consultant to broker peace between SAISD trustees and their superintendent, former KENS anchor Vicki Buffolino clearing out for good, and Quico Canseco's response to a birther's rant.

Weekly Roundup: Jan. 22-28, 2012

Greg Jefferson reported on the adaptive money skills of SA's lobbying class, who've quickly found the campaign accounts of last year's surprise Council winners Rey Saldaña and Carlton Soules.

He also looked at the fundraising and expenditures of now former Councilwoman Jennifer Ramos, and the numbers indicate she was running for Chico Rodriguez's Commissioners Court seat from the moment she finished her City Hall reelection.

Gilbert Garcia sketched profiles of some of the candidates competing for Kay Bailey Hutchison's Senate post.

Later in the week, he watched former Councilman Philip Cortez take a beating at a debate for the D117 primary.

Garcia also reported on the re-energized political ambition of the local Green Party, which is running on high-octane Occupy fuel.

Elaine Wolff reported on the lack of progress at troubled Smithsonian affiliate the Museo Alameda, and she checked in on the San Antonio Opera, which has gone radio silent since word of its dire financial situation first emerged in early January.

Jade Esteban Estrada's Plazarazzi crossed the fine line between politics and theater, and in this week's Glitter Political, he discovered that District Court Clerk Donna Kay McKinney loves a little showbiz, too.

Top SA Chisme included the highly personal nature of the Wentworth-Jones match, a likely explanation for the slow progress on SA's plastic-bag recycling campaign, and speculation about how unhappiness with the SAISD board could make a volatile combo with the upcoming redistricting.

Weekly Roundup: Jan. 15-21, 2012

Greg Jefferson profiled Eliot Garza, the stylish publisher of NSIDE magazines who doesn't draw much of a distinction between content and advertising.

Jefferson also reported on the impending death of the deal to turn the decrepit Friedrich Building into a shiny, new headquarters for SAISD.

Elaine Wolff detailed the Express-News' decision to yank a story on H-E-B's expansion plans in Mexico from after the company, a major advertiser, complained. The story that eventually appeared in print was, well, a different story.

Wolff also wrote about rumored changes at Blue Star Arts Complex and checked in with the coolly named Dean Daderko, Luminaria's new vis-arts "adjudicator."

Gilbert Garcia explained the problem common to former GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman and Tim Tuggey, who lost the 2010 GOP primary to social conservative Ken Mercer for a seat on State Board of Education – they're moderates.

Garcia also reported on Governor Rick Perry's political future in Texas in the wake of his embarrassing presidential campaign, and on the Supreme Court's rejection of the interim Congressional maps drawn up by federal judges in SA.

Ben Judson swept aside rhetoric about CPS Energy's major solar-energy deal being among the largest and found that it's nevertheless a landmark project.

Jade Esteban Estrada broke nan with Aurora Deiri, owner of Pasha Mediterranean Grill and the Texas Fuel, San Antonio's ABA team.

Top Chisme included backchannel communications between SAISD and Spurs Sports & Entertainment, Elizabeth Ames Jones' straw-poll results, and potential divorce talks between SAISD trustees and Superintendent Robert Duron.

Weekly Roundup: Jan. 8-14, 2012

Elaine Wolff spent the week deep in SAISD politics, where she reported first on the feeling of public betrayal over the Alamo Stadium shenanigans. Politicians and strategists are worried it'll come back to bite not only district board members and future school bonds, but the city's $596-million bond that goes before voters this spring.

Tuesday she reported on the Conservation Society's bid to protect the stadium from major reconstruction, and broke down the politics and policy behind SAISD's re-zoning application.

Gilbert Garcia reported on the rumored frontrunner going into Thursday's City Council appointment, and followed up with a report on the surprise winner, Leticia Ozuna, plus Councilman Carlton Soules' plan to make the process a real election next time around.

Garcia also reported on the Council's final project recommendations for the 2012 bond ballot, which don't include Magik, the beloved children's theater-arts program and venue.

Wolff also reported on the last-minute bond wrangling, in which citizen-committee favorite the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center lost $1 million to a senior center and the Blue Star Contemporary Art Center.

Greg Jefferson sat down with CPS CEO Doyle Beneby and analyzed the new CPS solar deal.

Jade Esteban Estrada got a lesson in South East Side culture and hair from the pros at Knockout Cuts. And in the first installment of Plazarazzi, he caught up with Classic Theatre and San Pedro Playhouse.

Top items at included word that former Councilwoman Debra Guerrero would like to bring the SAISD ex-Council quota to three, Texas Dems' inaction in the face of a weakened Perry, and Judge Mary Roman's reaction to Brian Collister's report on the ethics complaint filed against her. Plus: SAISD docs.

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