April 16


Weekly Roundup: Jun 24-30, 2012

Ben Judson wrote about the criminally short season at SA's outdoor public pools (includes a Google map with pool locations, hours, and other amenities).

Gilbert Garcia opined about the similarities between the slippery conservative bona fides of Mitt Romney and President George H.W. Bush.

Garcia used the Medina-Meza upset (well, upset to some) to question the way county chairs are elected.

Elaine Wolff considered the Brainpower Initiative's rough debut and decided the fault didn't lie with the North Side skeptics but with an unprepared task force.

Greg Jefferson argued that the $16 million in CPS staff bonuses first reported by Brian Collister might be too much, but it'd be foolish not to reward employees at a utility that's performing as well as ours.

Jefferson reported that Christus Santa Rosa says it is courting two medical schools to help staff its hospitals, a potential rebuff to UTHSC.

New columnist and Border Trade Alliance President Nelson Balido explained a bipartisan bill that would allow Customs and Border Protection to create local partnerships for infrastructure improvements and staffing.

Jade Esteban Estrada reported on the redaction scandal at The Playhouse, and for an installment of Being There, he checked out porn-e-oke at Tonic – "it's exactly what you think."

Top Chisme included word that the new CCHIP's boundaries are likely to change a little, LULAC's voting-rights suit against the Edwards Aquifer Authority, and Sculley's Brainpower Initiative intervention.

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