April 23


Old bunkers v. new urbanism at HemisFair

Thanks to a previous generation of activists, the oldest buildings in HemisFair Park are safe from the wrecking ball even as the park is dramatically rebuilt around them. The master plan for the park’s redevelopment is in many ways a restoration of their context and importance, beginning with the re-creation of portions of the old street grid and the decision to perhaps make some of them available for housing again.

But if the master plan is good news for the homes and businesses that were saved from  HemisFair’s “urban renewal” bulldozer, it puts most of the buildings built for the 1968 world’s fair in jeopardy – the only one that’s marked for eternity is the Tower of the Americas.

Depending on how you feel about some of the architectural calling cards of mid-century modernism, you might be fine with that.

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