April 19


A 'high volume' kitten problem

Illustration by Martha StroudIllustration by Martha StroudHere’s a good prep for entering the San Antonio Pets Alive! kennels: watch the scramble scenes in the old M*A*S*H episodes. This is also triage – a last-ditch effort to save the dogs and cats that SA’s other rescue groups are too overbooked to take, or that are too ill or too young.

SAPA operates out of a small light-filled building on the ACS campus on Highway 151. That’s where all the hard-luck dog cases are. Last week, they officially moved the SAPA cat and kitten operation into a large commercial space in a strip center on Marbach Road, west of Loop 410. It was a rough landing – more than 140 felines, most of them kittens – and the ensuing chaos prompted panicked emails, which in turn drew the news cameras.

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