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Part of the Southwest School campus on the San Antonio River. Photo by Southwest School via FlickrPart of the Southwest School campus on the San Antonio River. Photo by Southwest School via FlickrSouthwest School of Art Adjusts After BFA Program ‘Temporarily Declined’

Late last week the Southwest School of Art’s new highly anticipated bachelor of fine arts program disappeared. Its mention vanished from the Southwest School Web site, and various postcards and look books enticing potential students will not see the outside of SSA’s convent campus for several months at best. Come this autumn, the previously scheduled start date for the program, no BFA classes will commence.

Southwest School of Art staff ordered the vanishing act after learning on January 8 that its application for a certificate of degree-granting authority had been declined by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Advertising prior to receiving the certificate, it turns out, is prohibited by the THECB, leading the Coordinating Board to swiftly reject SSA’s application.

The THECB asked the Southwest School of Art to remove all advertising and mention of the BFA program from their Web site and other materials, and reapply in six months, with a response anticipated in January 2014. This means that, in order to adhere to the letter of the law, the School cannot offer its BFA courses until its certificate of degree-granting authority has been delivered.

According to Paula Owen, President of the Southwest School of Art, and Dr. Edward Dupuy, the newly hired academic dean in charge of the application, the School had no idea advertising was prohibited prior to submitting the application on January 4.

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