April 19


Little pink bridges

I’m not a huge fan of the X-Men films, but I think I’ve begrudgingly seen them all thanks to one enthusiastic first date or another. The idea that everyone has a unique, potent gift hidden inside is empowering, especially for young people struggling with the oncoming fear of being different. But one scene in particular really sticks out in my mind: when a group of mutants unite in that abandoned church to develop a plan to confront the humans who terrorize them. It’s a hard sell to get them to come together but they eventually do – at least for a season.

As I spend a Saturday afternoon in the oft-abandoned church-theater building on South Alamo, it’s impossible not to recall that scene. I'm at the Pride San Antonio Leadership Summit, where about  80 people have gathered to discuss the formation of a new and improved LGBT center. And I’m pretty sure if I stare at this beer koozie long enough … it will move.

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