April 18


Roberto's masterpiece

Half-soaked and out of breath, I can finally stop running when I enter Starbucks at the Quarry. After a quick look around, I spot a chipper Roberto Prestigiacomo waving from a table in the center of the room. Through the sea of dripping umbrellas, he stands out from the bustling gaggle of holiday shoppers avoiding the rain. He's seemingly the only person who's not wet.

Prestigiacomo, a native of Rome, Italy, is the producing artistic director of AtticRep, the theater company in residence at Trinity University known for mounting daring, thought-provoking plays since 2005. As he describes his current production of Fifty Words by Michael Weller, I'm reminded of the ease Europeans often exude, which can make Americans appear curiously uptight by comparison. He wears a light, gray pullover and a maroon scarf that wraps so perfectly around his neck it seems the work of a fussy stylist. His thick, melodic accent is a major element in his reputable charm.

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