April 23


The sky(line)'s not the limit

At a recent dinner in the stark yet warmly inspiring former home of Linda Pace, I found myself studying a wall sculpture for which the artist created a casting of a shelf full of books. The final product revealed the negative space, and it allowed me to look at something as simple as a group of books in a new, albeit abstract, way. I began to think of the San Antonio skyline in terms of its negative space, looking at the sky and how it meets the buildings. From her top floor patio, I looked back at downtown San Antonio from the less photographed southern perspective.

A week later, I sit waiting for a streetcar in downtown Portland. I’m looking upward at striking buildings in every direction. Hearing the clang of my streetcar's pending arrival, I instead bolt back to my hotel’s 12th-floor roof terrace to take in a powerful 360-degree view of contemporary and historic buildings that work together wonderfully. They stand as one, not individual and alone.

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