April 24


The eyes of Candace Duval

Late in the afternoon of July Fourth, a spritely Luz Elena Chapa, Democratic candidate for the Fourth Court of Appeals, introduces me around like a wealthy long-lost cousin at the North East Bexar County Democratic Office, which is almost hidden behind a dental office on San Pedro Avenue. Through the slow-moving crowd I spy Candace Duval, who’s running against Congressman Lamar Smith in District 21. Her back is to me and she appears to be in deep conversation.

"Oh, she's not," Chapa says in a high-pitched, melodious voice. There's a thick paper plate of watermelon in her grip.

She introduces us. Duval’s blouse – a screaming Monet of purples and every aquatic color on the wheel – easily upstages her radiant blue eyes. I say I’d like to schedule a sit-down interview, and she leads me to her office.

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