April 25


Blockwalking with a Kennedy compass

I figured out long before I rose bright and early to attend Texas House candidate Philip Cortez's blockwalking and barbecue event last Saturday that the blockwalking part would come first. But I still harbored the hope that one of the organizers might have suggested that serving the barbecue before the hike would give those of us too lazy to rise in time for the free breakfast tacos something to "work off."

No dice.

When I walk into Cortez's modest headquarters, dozens of people are socializing, awaiting their assignments. A Texas Longhorns tablecloth covers a table full of campaign swag and sign-up sheets. On the wall above the table, the famous photo "Small Town in Oregon Late Fall 1959," shows John F. Kennedy listening intently to a man while Jackie sips a cup of coffee. It hangs beside a 2008 photograph of Cortez shaking hands with presidential candidate Barack Obama.

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