April 23


Chapa's political chops

Luz Elena Chapa is sitting below a colorful collection of light fixtures on the rear wall of Green Vegetarian Cuisine on North Flores. She’s carefully reviewing the menu with a quizzical look on her face. As I approach the table, she rises and reaches to shake my hand at the very same moment I extend my arms to give her a hug – a gay man's privilege that seldom fails to baffle male heterosexual counterparts.

Chapa, who hopes to seize Judge Steve Hilbig's seat on the Fourth Court of Appeals November 6, looks mod London meets Chicana chic. She’s wearing a flowing dark-brown A-line silk dress, two beaded necklaces and matching Stuart Weitzman shoes.

I recall Hilbig’s comment from our recent interview: " ... I don't think it's as simplistic as voting for the better-looking person. If that were true, I would have lost a long time ago."

OK, now that makes sense.

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