April 20


The Latino eventual opportunity district

Welcome to the new new 35th, the congressional district drawn to give Latino voters the power to elect the U.S. representative of their choosing – where Congressman Lloyd Doggett became the presumptive odds-on favorite Tuesday when federal judges in San Antonio released another set of interim redistricting maps.

Doggett is once again without firm footing in what had been his Austin-centric District 25. The new maps carve up Travis County's representation on Capitol Hill five ways, just as Republican lawmakers envisioned in their original redistricting scheme, the subject of a federal lawsuit brought by Democratic and civil-rights groups. As a result, Doggett likely will return to District 35, where he'd previously jousted with State Representative Joaquín Castro.

Doggett – whom, we should note … is not a Latino – said as much in a written statement released Tuesday afternoon:

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