April 18


A tale of three Democrats

Three San Antonio Democrats. A tax collector, a realtor, and a former Congressman. Only a few days ago, it looked like this trio – Sylvia Romo, Patrick Shearer, and Ciro Rodriguez – was set to meet in the primary election for the newly created Congressional District 35. But in the blink of a weary federal court judge’s eye, the latest turn in the state’s redistricting saga has sent these three candidates scattering.

Rodriguez is playing it cagey, revealing nothing about his own plans and everything about his disgust with the state’s new interim Congressional map, which largely apes the one constructed by Republican legislators last year. But the expectation is that he’ll move from District 35 back to District 23, the seat he initially planned to seek – and the one he held from 2007-11. Shearer has made no formal announcement, but with the district now stretching into Austin, and with Austin Congressman Lloyd Doggett indicating he wants the seat, Shearer hints that he’s pulling out of the race. That leaves Romo, the one member of the District 35 club speaking in bold tones this week.

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