April 19


Miller and Galvan are partners in frustration

Byron Miller is waiting for a sign.

Miller, who lost to Ivy Taylor in a heartbreakingly close District 2 City Council runoff two years ago, sounds like a man who’s moderating a lengthy debate in his own mind. On the one hand, Miller surely knows that Taylor, as an incumbent buoyed in her first term by the much-hyped 2010 East Side Development and Reinvestment Summits, will be difficult to beat this time around. But you also sense that the stinging nature of Miller’s 2009 loss – finishing 513 votes ahead of Taylor in the general election, only to see her pull off an unlikely 54-vote victory in the runoff – is an itch he can’t help but scratch.

So Miller sits on the fence, hoping for some divine guidance, preferably before the March 14 filing deadline.

“I’ll know if God sends me a message, and he ain’t sent me the message yet. I don’t think it’ll be a burning bush,” Miller says with a laugh.

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