Greetings, cricket fans and stat enthusiasts! Grab your popcorn as we embark on a thrilling ride through the latest cricketing drama. Our star of the show? None other than Pakistan’s captain, Babar Azam. In a tale filled with twists, turns, and record-breaking feats, Babar has managed to shine brightly even as his team faced defeat. So, let’s dive into how Babar Azam managed to topple Virat Kohli’s record despite a series loss to England.

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The recent T20 series between Pakistan and England was nothing short of a rollercoaster. With the T20 World Cup 2024 on the horizon, every match was a crucial test. Unfortunately for Pakistan, they ended up losing the series 2-0, with the fourth T20 match being a significant blow. England, with their consistent performance, sealed the deal with a 7-wicket victory.

Despite the series loss, Babar Azam proved why he is regarded as one of the best in the business. In the fourth T20I, Babar scored a swift 36 off 22 balls, featuring five fours and a six. This innings, though not colossal, was enough for Babar to etch his name in the record books.

Babar Azam’s 36-run knock against England propelled him to the top of the list of highest run-scorers in T20 Internationals against England. He surpassed Indian cricketing maestro Virat Kohli, who previously held the record with 639 runs. Babar now boasts 660 runs against England in T20Is, a testament to his consistency and skill.

Let’s take a quick look at the top T20I run-scorers against England:
Babar Azam – 660 runs
Virat Kohli – 639 runs
Aaron Finch – 619 runs
Mohammad Rizwan – 560 runs
Martin Guptill – 471 runs

While Babar Azam shone individually, the rest of the Pakistani batting lineup struggled throughout the series. The top order failed to convert starts into substantial scores, and the middle order couldn’t provide the stability needed. This inconsistency proved costly, as Pakistan’s batsmen couldn’t rise to the occasion, leading to their series defeat.

Despite the team’s setbacks, Babar Azam’s career continues to ascend. With 4023 runs in 119 T20I matches, he became only the second batsman after Virat Kohli to surpass 4000 runs in T20I cricket. Babar’s ability to consistently score runs at the highest level solidifies his position among the cricketing elite.

Pakistan’s head coach emphasized the need for improvement and consistency. “While Babar’s performance was commendable, cricket is a team sport. We need collective efforts to succeed, especially with the T20 World Cup around the corner,” he stated.

Q: How did Babar Azam break Virat Kohli’s record?

A: Babar Azam scored 36 runs in the fourth T20I against England, surpassing Virat Kohli’s previous record of 639 runs against England in T20Is.

Q: What was the result of the Pakistan vs. England T20 series?

A: England won the series 2-0. The fourth T20I saw England defeating Pakistan by 7 wickets.

Q: How many runs has Babar Azam scored in T20I cricket?

A: Babar Azam has scored 4023 runs in 119 T20I matches.

Q: Who are the top run-scorers in T20Is against England?

A: The top run-scorers in T20Is against England are Babar Azam (660 runs), Virat Kohli (639 runs), Aaron Finch (619 runs), Mohammad Rizwan (560 runs), and Martin Guptill (471 runs).

Q: What are the key areas for Pakistan to improve before the T20 World Cup?

A: Pakistan needs to work on batting consistency and middle-order stability to perform better in the upcoming T20 World Cup.

Babar Azam’s remarkable performance, breaking Virat Kohli’s record, is a silver lining for Pakistan amidst their series loss to England. As the T20 World Cup 2024 approaches, Pakistan will need to regroup and address their weaknesses to pose a significant challenge. For now, Babar Azam’s achievements continue to inspire cricket fans around the world.

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