In a night filled with drama that could rival a telenovela, Cristiano Ronaldo’s dream of lifting the Saudi King’s Cup with Al-Nassr came crashing down. Al-Hilal took home the trophy in a nail-biting penalty shootout, winning 5-4 after a 1-1 draw in extra time. Ronaldo, the footballing legend, ended up in tears—proof that even superheroes have bad days.

The King’s Cup final at King Abdullah Sports City had more twists and turns than a rollercoaster. From the get-go, it was clear that both teams were here to put on a show, and boy, did they deliver!

Just seven minutes into the game, Aleksandar Mitrovic decided to crash the party with a header that put Al-Hilal in the lead. Cue the collective gasps and dropped nachos from Al-Nassr fans.

Then came the second-half surprise. Al-Nassr’s goalkeeper, David Ospina, thought he’d take a little field trip outside the penalty area and got himself a red card for handling the ball. Whoops! If there was ever a moment to yell, “Come on, man!” this was it.

Not to be outdone, Al-Hilal’s Ali Al-Bulaihi decided to get into the spirit of the occasion with an apparent headbutt on Sami Al-Najei, earning himself an early shower in the 86th minute. At this point, it was like watching a high-stakes game of red card bingo.

When the final whistle blew after extra time, the score was locked at 1-1, and it was time for the dreaded penalty shootout. Each penalty kick felt like a scene from a thriller movie, but with less popcorn and more screaming.

Al-Hilal kept their cool under pressure and converted five penalties, while Al-Nassr managed only four. As Al-Hilal’s final penalty hit the net, Ronaldo fell to the ground, devastated. It was like watching Superman drop his cape and realize he left his powers at home.

For Ronaldo and Al-Nassr, this was the icing on a very bittersweet cake. Just days earlier, they had finished second in the Saudi Pro League, a whole 14 points behind—yep, you guessed it—Al-Hilal. Even Ronaldo’s record-breaking 35 goals in a season felt like a consolation prize at best.

Al-Nassr’s journey to the final was filled with ups and downs. They showed moments of brilliance, but key slip-ups, like Ospina’s red card, proved costly. Ronaldo led by example, but sometimes even the greatest need a bit of luck—and luck, it seems, was taking a holiday.

Al-Hilal, on the other hand, showed why they are one of Saudi Arabia’s top teams. Mitrovic’s early goal set the pace, and despite losing a player to a red card, they held their nerve in the penalty shootout. It was a textbook case of steady wins the race.

As the dust settles on a dramatic season, Ronaldo and Al-Nassr will be looking to bounce back. The heartbreak of this loss will undoubtedly fuel their determination to come back stronger. Ronaldo might have had a tearful night, but if there’s one thing we know about him, it’s that he’s not one to give up easily.

What was the final score of the Saudi King’s Cup final?

The match ended 1-1 after extra time, with Al-Hilal winning 5-4 on penalties.

Who scored the opening goal in the final?

Aleksandar Mitrovic scored the opening goal for Al-Hilal.

Why was David Ospina sent off?

David Ospina was sent off for handling the ball outside the penalty area early in the second half.

How many red cards were issued during the match?

Two red cards were issued: one to Al-Nassr’s David Ospina and one to Al-Hilal’s Ali Al-Bulaihi.

How did Ronaldo perform in the final?

Ronaldo played a crucial role but was left in tears after the penalty shootout defeat.

What does this loss mean for Al-Nassr?

This loss marks the second consecutive season without a major trophy for Al-Nassr, despite Ronaldo’s impressive goal-scoring record.

The 2024 Saudi King’s Cup final was a night of high drama and intense emotions, particularly for Cristiano Ronaldo and Al-Nassr. Despite their best efforts and Ronaldo’s outstanding season, the team fell short, proving once again that football is full of surprises. As they regroup and prepare for the next season, one thing is certain: the quest for silverware is far from over. Stay tuned with 188BET for all the latest updates and insights into the world of football.

By Robin

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